Brand identity & Web Service

Makron is a complete industry service house for companies with machinery needs. Makron works as a subcontractor for machinery companies and, as well as this, have strong technologies for the wood building construction industry. Makron core lies in providing engineering, production and industrial expertise – all from one partner.

Makron wanted to refresh its brand identity and webpages. They wanted to be different than other industrial companies, competitors and clients. Makron was already on going with a three-year organizational change program, of which one actual action was to renew the brand identity.

We got to know Makron as a company and the manufacturing field they are operating. Ilme and Makron went though workshops where all the information about Makron, operating field, customers and technologies were gathered and learned. During the brand identity refresh, Ilme interviewed Makron staff and clients to get the big picture. Ilme started with brand promise (slogan), its meanings and webpage analysis. In the end of the first release of the Makron webpages Ilme had also done various other actions and applications presented here.

My role in the project:
Art Director, UX&UI Designer

Advertising Agency: Ilme

Production Year: 2016