Brand identity & Marketing

Ewona is an expert in the products required to create a perfect indoor climate. With these products, durable, allergy-safe and anechoic spaces are built in use, from which the noise stays away and the mind is also allowed to rest. Ewona’s products contain up to 85% recycled material. At the end of their life cycle, they also end up in the cycle and are born again and again.

Case & Solution

Ewona wanted to make a complete overhaul of its brand and brighten its own vision. We created an entity that stands out from the competitors, highlighting Ewona’s strengths in a simple and clear way. Modern and fresh visuals as well as appealing messages to the right target groups took the Ewona brand to a new level.


My role in the project:
Art Director, Concept Designer

Advertising Agency: Kaimana

Production Year: 2022