Visual Identity, Website & Venue Concept

Kuninkuusravit (“royal races”) championship is an annual harness racing championship contest in Finland. It is the official Finnish national championship contest for Finnhorse stallions and mares. It has been held annually since 1924. Kuninkuusravit is Finland’s most famous brand in horse racing, attracting over 50,000 people every year at the weekend of July-August.

Case & Solution

Kuninkuusravit gather their riders and horse enthusiasts for a large-scale annual event. Through customer-centered focus group analysis and a workshop, we identified new target groups for the Kuninkuusravit. We started to build a new unified brand for Kuninkuusravit, which will be used in at least three of the following events: 2019 in Lahti, 2020 in Seinäjoki and 2021 in Forssa. Essentially, branding included redefining the visual look, defining the main messages, the vocabulary used and the tone-of-voice. Already during 2018, the visual concept was used for a pre-marketing material for the Lahti event, ranging from web service upgrades to merchandise products. We also created a concept that brings together the fun and entertaining elements of the event through, among other things, domestic star artists performing at the evening party.


My role in the project:
Art Director, Consept Designer, UI & UX Designer

Advertising Agency: Ilme

Production Year: 2019