Responsibility communication concept

Partioaitta is a Finnish outdoor specialty store that has been operating since 1928. It inspires people to explore and enjoy nature in a responsible way. Today, Partioaita’s 21 stores offer the world’s best outdoor clothing and equipment brands, as well as a wide selection of domestic and locally made products suitable for every season.

Case & Solution

We clarified and summarized how Finland’s most responsible outdoor equipment brand tells to the general public about its everyday activities and value choices.

Partioaitta’s responsibility promise ”Luonnon puolella. 365 päivää vuodessa.” explains in clever and brief manner that Partioaitta is a protector, supporter, and an advocate of nature every day of the year. With its actions, Partioaitta contributes to people – Partioaitta’s customers and employees – being able to enjoy nature and outdoor activities responsibly now and in the years to come. The responsibility compass works as a tool that leads Partioaita forward on the path of responsibility and clearly shows stakeholders the priorities of the company’s responsibility work.

My role in the project:
Concept Designer, Art Director

Advertising Agency: Kaimana

Production Year: 2022