Keiku Historiikki

Art Directing & Graphic Design


The visual identity and layout work for a comprehensive 330-page historiography covering the first 20 years of operation of Kerimäen Iloinen Kulttuuri ry, commonly known as Keiku.


The historiography was produced during 2023 as part of the AIKU theme project by SavonLuotsi Leader ry. The project enabled the use of external writers and designers, facilitating the realization of the entire historiography.

Keiku’s historiography chronicles the organization’s journey from its inception to the present day in chronological order. Its roots were established at the This is Rock Happening events in the mid-1990s, with a primary objective of creating performance opportunities for local bands.

The association’s members contributed voluntary efforts in gathering material and conducting background and fact-checking tasks. In addition to Keiku’s own archives, the book includes searches for old articles from local newspapers.

The historiography is freely available to read in digital format. The link to the historiography can be found on the association’s website at