Brand identity refresh, Product Branding, Marketing Design and UX/UI-design

Nanoksi Finland Oy is a Finnish nanotechnology company going international, intending to become the market leader of nanotechnology-based nanocoating solutions.

Case & Solution

We redesigned Nanoksi brand identity and web service. One of the branding objectives was to create a brand hierarchy for the company and its products. This would allow associating the strong company brand with products as well as developing independent product brands.

The information obtained through marketing, target group and competitor analyses allowed to examine the factors differentiating the brand from competitors and draw up a driving idea, followed by the new communication tone of voice, slogan, brand main messages and look, including logo and image concept.

My role in the project:
Art Director, Concept Designer and UX&UI Designer

Advertising Agency: Redland

Production Year: 2021